Torch On Roofing

Torch On Roofing

The phrase “Torch On Roofing” might be a new one for you. Many homeowners have likely never heard of this method though it’s the ideal solution for many homes in our area.

Sometimes referred to as “torch down roofing”, this type of roofing consists of two layers of modified bitumen, which are melted together by a torch, giving the method its name. These layers create a waterproof barrier and a roof that is resistant to ultraviolet light.

A torch on roofing system covers the entire roof and is generally used for flat roofs or ones with a low slope. In particular, it’s great for roofs that can easily collect snow, rain, or ice, which then sits there and has no place to go.

Why choose a torch on roof?

Most homeowners who opt for torch on roofing do so because of its waterproof barrier. However, this type of roof has also proven to be very durable. Most will last two decades or more and there’s little or no maintenance necessary during that time.

A torch on roofing installation is very similar to a flat tar and gravel roof except there’s no gravel present that could clog drains and gutters. It also has a very high tolerance for both heat and cold, so it expands and contracts without melting or cracking. That means it works in a variety of climates as well as those areas that experience extremes in weather.

Installation of torch on roofing

To install this type of roof, a large sheet of modified bitumen is cut to fit your roof. It is then rolled out over a core layer of fiberglass or polyester and your roofer will then use a hand-held propane torch it heat the sheeting. The heat helps the sheet adhere to the surface of your home’s roof and a strong bond is formed. The roofer then adds small granules to the top membrane to increase fire resistance. Once the correct temperature is reached, the seams melt together and you’re left with a water-tight seal. The entire process takes about 4-5 hours to complete.

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