Gutter Installations

Gutter Installations

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your existing gutters or if you’re building a new home that needs a gutter installation, it’s a good idea to do a little research before proceeding. After all, proper gutter installation is an essential part of your home. Gutters keep water out and away from the spaces where it can wreak havoc with your foundation and other parts of your house. So, choosing high quality gutters and having them installed correctly by a professional is essential.

Things to consider for your gutter installation:

MATERIALS– Aluminum gutters are generally the most popular because they’re extremely durable as well as affordable. They don’t rust or corrode and are lightweight and able to carry plenty of water weight. However, you can find gutters made of other materials as well, including copper, which is more expensive but lasts much longer than aluminum. Talk to your gutter expert about which is right for you.

SHAPE AND SIZE – Not all gutters are the same though there are certainly standard shapes and sizes. At Regional One, we specialize in K-shaped gutters for all our gutter installation projects. This is the most popular style and you can choose from a variety of sizes / widths depending on your needs and how much water you expect your gutters to carry. You’ll also want to consider things like the number of trees on your property. The more trees, the more common the gutter clogs, which means you often have to opt for larger gutters to avoid that.

COLOUR – Gutters are available in a variety of colors so it should be easy to find one that complements your home’s color scheme and décor. Ask your dealer what they recommend for a house like yours.

GUTTER INSTALLATIONS – Some homeowners want to save money by tackling gutter installations themselves. Especially if they are replacing existing gutters. However, you’ll need a myriad of tools, a tall ladder, and much more. It isn’t an easy job for the novice! Instead, hiring a professional makes more sense. Most will offer a free consultation and estimate and can help you make the correct choices to protect your house.

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